How to Set Up and Connect to a Website/Server with SSH Keys

Like many new technologies, learning to use SSH keys can be confusing. In this article, I’ll break down the parts of setting up an SSH Keys and which keys go where. At the end, you’ll understand and be confident in […]

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Design Review: Low Carb USA

Low Carb USA is a community for doctors, scientists, and the average person with a focus on addressing the obesity and metabolic health crisis. This year, their conference typically held in San Diego, went all digital because of COVID-19. Since […]

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Design Review: Autozone

A Design Review of Autozone’s website: Good structures, Information Overload, and Conversion Rate Killers.

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How to Integrate a Custom Design into WordPress

You have a beautiful design, but now you need to get that design into WordPress so that it can be easily updated by a non-programmer. Here’s what to know.

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WordPress Query Results: Using the date_query to Change the Query

Also in my example, I set up the blog post page to not return any posts older than January 1, 2016, BUT I wanted to keep those posts live on the website.

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Keeping Your Online Presence Healthy In a Pandemic

Staying healthy is on everyone’s mind in the middle of this COVID-19 Pandemic. As a business owner, you’ve probably already had to pivot somehow to keep your business running. And for many businesses, your online presence has become invaluable. While […]

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How to Keep Your Email From Being Marked As Spam

We’ve all felt the pain of having an important email delivered to a customer’s spam folder. Follow these three simple steps to ensure they don’t.

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The Quickest 3 Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster

Everyone wants their website to load faster: it’s better for business, more people will stay and browse, and it’s one of the things Google uses to rank your website. Suffice it to say, loading speed is important.

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How do I know if my Google Ads are Working?

Google ads can be a powerful way to bring people to your business, but it can also be a huge waste of money. Are your Google ads effective?

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Google’s Data Studio: Why You Should Use It and How to Get Started

Google’s Data Studio is now providing data organization and visualization to millions of users. If you haven’t set up a report yet, here’s how!

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