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ADA Compliance: A Beginners Guide for Business Owners and Programmers

Looking for where to start for ADA Compliance? Here are the things you’ll need to do to make sure your website is ADA Compliant – and free tools to help!

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How to Create WordPress Custom Post Types

WordPress’s core functionality is built around Posts. At their most basic, posts are different articles displayed in a reverse chronological order on your website typically under the title of “Blog”. But WordPress allows an extension of the posts functionality by […]

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Planning Your Business’s Website like a Pro: Primary Goals

A great design, quality coding, and good SEO won’t mean anything if the user doesn’t know what to do on the site. Start by strategically planning your goals.

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How to Set Up and Track Call Conversions on Your Website Using Google Analytics

One of the best aspects of marketing online is the ability to track conversions. Here’s a simple walkthrough for how to install event tracking on your website.

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WordPress: using Excerpts from Advanced Custom Fields on the Search Results Page

If you use the Advanced Custom Field’s module system to build the pages in your site, you’ll come across an issue on the search results page: as each page is listed with the excerpt below, nothing will show for your […]

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SSL Certificates: How to Set up Cloudflare’s Free Account

There are a lot of different ways of adding a SSL Certificate to your website. Here’s how to do it quickly and easily using Cloudflare.

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Securing Your Website Hosting: The Logins You Need to Know

At some point, you’ll probably need to edit your website’s hosting access passwords. Here are access points into your website that you should know about.

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GDPR and Businesses

A Simple Overview of GDPR

GDPR went into affect on May 25th, 2018, and has website owners around the world scrambling to figure out how the law applies to them. This article can provide an overview of what GDPR is, why it matters to you, […]

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The Importance of Updating Your Website’s WordPress and Plugins

If you have a website for your company that’s built on WordPress, you’ve probably seen the update notices at the top or in the sidebar. While you may feel like ignoring them, these updates are vital to keep your website […]

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Getting Your Website Ready for 2018

The new year is a perfect time to take a look at your website and do some upkeep or fine-tuning. As we head into 2018, are you getting the results you want from your website? Do you have other goals with which your website can support you? Here’s a quick check in!

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