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Google has several services you’ll want to make sure you set up with any new site, but one of the most overlooked ones is connecting Google’s Search Console to Google’s Analytics. But with Google constantly iterating (ie. changing the user interface and functionality), you might get some unusual errors when you try to connect the two.

Why Connect Google Analytics & Search Console?

Google Analytics is well-known and well-used. It provides all your basic user information on your website including what people are searching for, common pages, user flow, etc. If you don’t have it on your website, you should connect it.

Search Console makes sure people can see your website in search results.
Analytics tells you who is seeing your website and what they do.

Google Search Console deals with the technical side of being in Google’s search engine including:

While both services should be set up for your website, you should also make sure you connect the two so you can access all the data available for your website.

How to Connect Google Analytics & Search Console

This is a fairly simple process once your website is set up on both systems. If your website isn’t set up on both Google Analytics and the Search Console, you’ll need to be able to verify your ownership of the sites. That is beyond the scope of this article, but I would recommend having your web developer handle this.

You can follow the gif below, or these directions to connect the two services:

  1. Open up Google Analytics
  2. Go to the Admin link at the bottom left (gear icon)
  3. In the second column, under “Property”, choose Property Settings
  4. Scroll down until you see “Search Console”
  5. Click the button to connect
  6. Choose the Search Console Account that matches this analytics account
  7. Save
Directions for connecting search console and analytics - see list directly above for written directions

Domain Property Issues

Your website cannot be a “Domain Property” in Search Console if you want to connect Analytics and Search Console.

Have you set up Google Analytics and Search Console, but the Search Console property doesn’t show up when you try to connect them?

Google has introduced “Domain Properties”, which honestly is a good idea. It keeps all your URLs (http/https/www/non-www) under one section which provides a cleaner, more organized UI. HOWEVER for whatever reason, you cannot connect a Domain Property with an Analytics Account.

If your domain in the Search Console has “Domain Property” in small text below it, you need to re-add the property(website) in Search Console as a “URL Pre-fix”. Once added in the Search Console again, the website will show up when you connect again in Google Analytics.

Are you have other issues? Leave a comment below for help or to tell us your solutions!

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