Worst Website Design

December 28, 2011
Business Owners, Designers

So I know this isn’t a REAL website, but it made me laugh…and cry just a little because I do actually see real websites that make these terrible design mistakes.

I’m not going to restate everything they warn you not to do on this website, but I will highlight just a few of the monstrous design errors.

worst website design


This is a no-no. Let me say it again: do not put music on your website. It is not cool. It is not “fun”. It is annoying. It will make people leave your website faster than a teenager ditching his parents in public. If you want a sound file, always make it – as we all want facebook to do – an opt-in, not an opt-out.


Always check that your website is compatible with at least the latest versions of the browsers out there. There are tools now that can check whether it is also going to be compatible with older versions of the browsers (since you usually can’t have more than one version on your computer). Even though Internet Explorer still escorts the vast majority of users through the vast web of the internet, other browsers now make up a significant portion.


You can add contact information anywhere on the page. However, you should also add the basic information to the bottom of the page as well. Users expect it to be down there when they can’t find it. In a perfect world, they would always be able to find it because your user interface is awesome, but since our world is just shy of perfect…

So you went through the list, perhaps chuckled at the mistakes, maybe had a slight seizure when you visited the website, but you’ve confirmed that your website doesn’t have any of those egregious mistakes. Don’t worry, there are plenty of mistakes to go around. The best way I’ve found to root them out is to do a little testing. Have some friends take a look at the site. Ask them what they really think. See if they can find things without your help and watch as they look for them. There is nothing like a real-world trial.

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