SSL Certificates: How to Set up Cloudflare’s Free Account

There are a lot of different ways of adding a SSL Certificate to your website. Here’s how to do it quickly and easily using Cloudflare.

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Securing Your Website Hosting: The Logins You Need to Know

At some point, you’ll probably need to edit your website’s hosting access passwords. Here are access points into your website that you should know about.

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The Quick Complete Guide for Business Owners: When Your Site is Hacked

If you run a business that doesn’t collect sensitive information like credit cards or emails, you might think no one would bother to hack your site. Sure, Yahoo, Equifax, and Target get hacked, but they have credit cards, social security […]

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The Quick Complete Guide for Business Owners: SSL Certificates

If you have a website, you’ve probably heard about SSL in the last couple of months. Everybody’s talking about how you need to add it to your site and how it will hurt your Google rankings if you don’t do […]

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