If you have a website for your company that’s built on WordPress, you’ve probably seen the update notices at the top or in the sidebar. While you may feel like ignoring them, these updates are vital to keep your website running and secure. Why So Many Updates? It might seem like your WordPress website always...
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Have you heard of Gutenberg? We’re not talking about Johannes Gutenberg and the printing press, but the major update to Wordpress coming in April. It will drastically change how you edit your posts and pages. Here's what you need to know before it happens.
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A couple of months ago, I received a phone call from a business owner who needed their site re-skinned. The design was a couple of years old and wasn’t holding up to WordPress updates – it needed to go. It was a fairly customized site, not just with the theme on the front end, but...
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It’s the most coveted spot online: the first page of Google. Getting there is no easy task; you have to make sure you’ve got heading tags and meta descriptions, keywords and synonyms, backlinks and interlinks, blog posts, pages, stats, GooglePlus pages, social media integration… the list goes on. But in the midst of all the...
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