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December 28, 2011

As I was scouring the internet this morning, catching up on all the design blogs, I came across one about Logos. I’ll be honest, I don’t really do logos; I don’t know much about how to do logos. It’s not really what makes my soul happy. But this blog brought a whole bunch of great logos together so I figured it would be worth a shot.

And then I found this website. The logo (and by extension, the main website design idea) was created by Chris Spooner ( Blog on the logo ).

vivid website design

I kind of fell in love with the design. First, its colorful, and who doesn’t like color. Of course, he could use the rainbow colors because it matched the idea of “vivid”.

But he also created a great 3D effect, which he details in the blog link above. Now there were a ton of logos on that original blog post by Noupe and only two were 3D-ish, but I was just caught up in the look it gives the logo. It adds depth, a richness that a flat logo and/or website doesn’t give.

With a logo like that, the owner could just blown it up and add to the top of the website. The grey bar through the middle heightens the feeling of 3D, while carving out a space for the heading of the blog. If you look closely, you can see the texture they gave to the grey bar. While grey is a popular color right now on websites (and I totally approve), this texture just provides a little extra something – making it vivid (yes, I know, cheesy).

The bottom of the website repeats this grey texture from above. I like that it is repeated, but on most websites, the header and bottom bar don’t have to match; just as long as the bottom bar fits into the overall color scheme.

vivid website footer
So what exactly do you put in the bottom bar?

It is normally split into three distinct columns. Vivid has a blurb about the guy and the website, highlights 5 articles in the middle column, and has a contact form in the last column. Of those three, the contact form seems to be gaining popularity across the web.

He also includes the copyright info and the privacy policy, which is standard, on the bottom of the bar. Often those information links, like privacy policy – links most people don’t read, are included at the bottom of the page.

All-in-all, this blog looks great and makes me want to live vividly…or at least design vividly.

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