The WordPress Upload Path in the Options Table


This post is a Solution Post for those who might run into the following problems:

Are you trying to update URLs and there’s an error? (ie. using Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin)

Are you getting errors on the site like: cannot create directory?

Are you getting permission errors on files that shouldn’t have permissions errors?

Solution: Check the Uploads Path in the Database

  1. Log into your WordPress site’s database in phpMyAdmin.
  2. Go to the _options table.
  3. On the second page, typically, they’ll be a row titled “upload_path“. If not, you can search for it in the “option_name” field.

You’ll come across something like this:



The NameHere is the one you’ll most likely be editing. Make sure it matches your original FTP account, sometimes called the Special FTP Accounts. If there is an option under the Special FTP Accounts for logs, don’t use that one.

Optionally, you might need to edit the folders to match the location of your WordPress site.



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