Custom Programming: WordPress Themes, Plugins, and More

If your business needs an add-on to your current site or a custom coded application, we can work with you to create a solution uniquely tailored to your needs.

Custom WordPress Themes

Working with a designer to create a custom design for your website is one of the best branding choices you can make. Once the design is done, though, you’ll need a programmer to take that design and accurately integrate it into WordPress. At White Fox Creative, we have years of experience in transposing designs into programming.

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Exact Design Adherence

You’ve spent significant time with your designer making sure the website branding is perfect for your company; the last thing you want is to have the design edited by the developer! We’ve worked with businesses for years to make sure their designs are reflected accurately in the final website. You can be assured that the design you provide will be what your website looks like.

Mobile Friendly

Most websites are visited by primarily mobile users (60/40), and Google ranks websites based on their mobile view, not their desktop view. A mobile-friendly site is a now a requirement! We build responsive websites that will work with any screen size so that your website can reach the largest audience possible.

Fully WordPress Integrated

If you’re looking for a WordPress site, you most likely want to be able to edit items yourself. We strongly believe a custom theme should be fully integrated into WordPress, allowing the owner to edit items without extensive work by the programmer. We utilize ACF to make sure that you can edit your website without the fear of ruining the design or breaking the site.

Quality Coding

You will probably never look at the coding of your site, but the quality of the programming can mean differences in speed, usability, and even affect where you rank in Google’s search results. We code using the latest standards including HTML5 and CSS3, and code a lean site without extraneous files that slow down your site. For larger projects, we also use Git, SASS, and Gulp for optimizing performance and keeping the staging and live site in sync.

Custom Plugins

If you already have a website and need some customization, we can work within your current site to provide the functionality you need. Whether it’s changing the color scheme or coding a unique “safety badge” download area for workers on an oil rig (a real project!), our years of experience can make sure you get what you’re looking for.

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