WordPress Retainer

WordPress Retainer plans are a great choice for businesses that are looking to outsource their website edits and upkeep. For a set price monthly, White Fox Creative can handle everything related to your website: from hosting issues to backups, updates, security monitoring, website edits, and questions you have along the way.

White Fox Creative’s monthly retainers won’t break the bank, but will provide the personalized service you’re looking for.

Monthly Retainers are billed monthly. The minimum sign-up period is 6 months. 


All monthly retainer packages include the following 4 items:

Weekly Backups. The site files and database will be backed up weekly. A total of 6 backups (6 weeks) are kept of the site. The backups are stored in a secure offsite location. While there is no need to keep copies of the files yourself, you may at any time ask for any of the copies of these backups which will be provided in a zip file format.

WordPress & Plugin Updates. All plugins and WordPress will be kept up to date on a monthly schedule. If a release of a plugin or WordPress core is stated as urgent to fix a high-risk security issue, updates will be done as soon as possible. After any updates are done, the website will be tested to ensure nothing has broken. In the event something is broken from updates, up to an hour of time to fix any issues is included in this monthly maintenance package. If the fix requires more than an hour, the work will be counted toward the hours included in this contract. Though extremely rare, if additional hours are still required to fix an update issue, the hours will be billed at the current hourly rate.

Security Monitoring. Your site will be monitored for security risks. Weak user passwords for administrators will be required to be strengthened to help keep the site secure. In the rare occurrence of the site being hacked, the cleanup or restoration of the site from a backup is included in this monthly maintenance cost.

Work Hours. All retainer packages include regular work hours provided at a discount.



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