The Process of Creating a Website that Works

Discovery & Planning

Before we get started building your site, we begin with discovery. Discovery is vital to the project because this is when we “discover” important information that will help us plan your site. The depth of discovery varies from project to project, but it usually includes setting your primary audience, viewing your current traffic if you have a site now, and reviewing the industry you’re in.

The requirements for the project are also considered here so that an accurate quote can be provided. The Requirements enumerates the specifics; for example, if you need a front-end login for clients, whether you want to include eCommerce and how much customization is done for the store, slideshows, contact forms, and more. Here at White Fox Creative, we have a basic website package that includes the items every website needs (ie. contact forms), and then we spell out any additional items in an additional Requirements section.

Most importantly, discovery and planning sets out the primary goal of the project and how to measure success. If you’re looking to get people emailing you, being able to track how many emails you’re getting from the site is vital. Other goals could include keeping users on your site for longer or getting them to visit more than one page. Any goals set out here should be measurable so that they can be reviewed and improved.


Creating Your Website

Once you’ve set your website goals and requirements, the next step is the actual coding of your website. While White Fox Creative can do websites in other Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress is the prevalent choice for many business owners. Its ease of use and pre-made functionality can provide a quality website for significantly less than a “from-scratch” website, while also giving business owners an easy way to update their own site.

Developing a WordPress Website

We have over 15 years of programming experience, and almost a decade of working within WordPress, so you can be confident website will be created with up-t0-date technology and programming. Our familiarity with WordPress and our background of programming as opposed to project management or designing, means White Fox Creative can customize any portion of your website.

During this phase of the website creation process, you can expect regular updates from us about the progress on the website so you don’t have to worry. We’ll be in contact with you about the design, setup, and finished sections of the website so you can provide timely feedback. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful website that you love and are proud to show off, in addition to accomplishing the primary goals set out during the discovery and planning.


Monitoring & Improving

After your website is built, White Fox Creative can provide fast and reliable maintenance or edits to your site. While some clients prefer to handle the minor updates themselves, for those with larger businesses who don’t have the time or desire to do their website upkeep themselves, we can handle those for you.

All our Retainer packages include security monitoring, updates of the plugins and WordPress, site uptime monitoring, and a number of hours for additional desired edits to the site at a bulk rate. If your site does get hacked, we even restore it for free.

While the website is built with the initial website goals in mind and best practices adhered to, the most effective way to increase the business you receive from your website is testing with your specific audience. The additional testing for your target audience on your site can make the difference between a website that that provides 1 lead every 100 visitors, or 10 times that amount.

Ready to Get Started?

Wherever you are in your website process, whether your website needs to be built, it needs some updates, or you’ll looking to improve the features, White Fox Creative can make it happen. Call us at 661-306-4443 or email at