WordPress Development: How We Create Successful Websites

Developing a WordPress site includes numerous different moving parts: website design, site architecture, SEO, technical SEO, call to actions, marketing structure and focus, ADA compliance, and more. At White Fox Creative, our over 15 years of experience will make sure that your website is created with everything you need to be successful.

Building a Successful Website

Before any design or coding begins, you’ll want to clearly define the parameters of a successful website. While goals might be similar between similar types of websites (eCommerce: sell items), your website’s primary goal should be more nuanced. Continuing our example of the eCommerce site, consider which products sell well or which products provide a good ROI for your company. For a service industry, is there a particular service you want to focus on? What are the primary pain points people come to you to solve? Keeping your primary goal in mind allows both the design and coding to fully support the success of your website.

For more on Call to Actions (CTAs) and website goals, see our post on “Planning Your Website Like a Pro”.

Website Design and Architecture

Once you have your primary goal(s) clearly defined, your website design and architecture can reflect and support those goals.

For design, you have two options: a pre-made template customized for your brand’s colors or a website uniquely designed and branded for your company. Which option is right for you depends on your company size, budget available, and long-term goals. For some, developing a unique brand is a vital part of succeeding in their field. For others, this might not be as important. Choosing a pre-made template can be a good budget option, but your design won’t be unique.

Your Website Architecture is the link structure of your site. The more pages you have on your site the more important it is make sure your structure caters to your user. But even small websites can have poor architecture. The page titles, location of the main menu, and the menu drop-down options should all be structured in a way that makes sense to your clients.

Quality Coding and Technical SEO

Just because no one sees the programing that creates your website doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter! Well-created code loads faster and is easier to maintain (read:cheaper) than low-quality coding. Quality coding is simple, easy to understand (for the programmer), and is not bloated with unneeded files.

Good coding can also affect technical SEO. Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on the coding requirements Google factors into their algorithm. Since Google handles over 90% of searches online, if they require technical aspects on your website, implementing them is essentially a requirement for reaching your audience. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization here.

While we’re programming your site, we’ll be checking in with you on design, search engine optimization, and call to actions.

Content is King

A popular phrase “content is king” is still true today. The core functionality of Google focuses on providing users an accurate answer to their questions. If they believe your website provides what the user is searching for, Google will serve users your website. This doesn’t mean the other items, like SEO, site architecture, or defining goals, aren’t important, but if you want your website to be successful in any way: Content is King.

The site architecture and design will provide a structure for your content, but while you’re writing the content (or reviewing if we’re writing it for you), the primary goal of your website should always be in mind. This will help your website’s goal have a cohesive focus.

ADA Compliance

The newest kid on the block, ADA compliance has become increasingly important for businesses. Not only is it required by law (and leaving it off can lead to lawsuits), but it allows the ~20% of your potential audience who are visually and hearing impaired to use your site as well. You can read more about the basics of ADA compliance on our blog post: ADA Compliance: A Beginners Guide for Business Owners and Programmers. *Please note I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.

Ongoing Improvements

At White Fox Creative we don’t require a retainer fee after the website is finished, but we do recommend it. Gone are the days of putting a website up and leaving it like a band flyer on a random light pole. Your website is one of the primary advertising channels for your business and the first impression for potential clients or customers. As your website gets used by your target audience, tweaking CTAs, images, and architecture can have a major positive impact on your businesses bottom line.

Beyond the site’s ongoing content creation and adjustments, keeping track of where your site lands in Google’s search results can provide you with the tools and knowledge to improve your site and provide your unique business offer to more customers.

Looking for Search Engine Optimization? Find out more on our Search Engine Optimization page.

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